The men and women who bravely served our country can experience financial challenges as they get older. Wartime veterans who are 65 or older, who are disabled or who are in nursing home care can generally pursue VA Pension benefits to help with such challenges, provided they fall within the income and net worth limits that have been set.

Some veterans who qualify for VA Pension benefits can also be eligible for additional financial relief. There are two main add-ons to standard VA Pension benefits. These are:

  • Housebound benefits: Which are for veterans with permanent disabilities that keep them housebound
  • Aid & Attendance benefits: Which are for veterans with certain disabilities or care needs

Now, in addition to meeting the requirements for VA Pension benefits, veterans also have to meet special added requirements to receive an add-on. Housebound benefits and Aid & Attendance benefits each have their own set of eligibility rules.

What if a veteran meets the requirements for both of these pension supplements? He or she can only receive one. Veterans cannot collect Housebound benefits and Aid & Attendance benefits at the same time.

The process of navigating the various eligibility rules and securing upped pension benefits can get complicated. However, veterans don’t have to go through it alone. Elder law attorneys experienced in veterans’ benefits matters can provide individuals who have served our country with guidance on what benefits they would likely qualify for. Such lawyers can also help veterans with the various steps for pursuing such benefits.