The men and women in Georgia who have served in the armed forces often face additional hardships and burdens that may be difficult for the average person to fully understand. There are many veterans’ benefits that can help you afford better long-term, necessary care related to your service. Obtaining those benefits, however, is not always straightforward.

Leaving the armed services and entering the civilian world can be a difficult transition. Many former service members end up struggling financially despite years of service, training and experience. The Veterans Aid and Attendance Pension is available for veterans who served during times of war, even if they did not necessarily engage in any fighting themselves. You may qualify if you have a disability or if you are currently low income.

As a veteran, your spouse may also qualify for these benefits. If you do not currently qualify, if he or she survives you, they may become eligible after your death. These benefits are intended to help those who require help with activities related to daily living — such as walking, bathing or dressing — and those who qualify could see as much as $2,169 a month.

Securing the benefits you have earned should not be difficult, but unfortunately, the process is often weighed down in red tape and long waiting times. If you are struggling like many other veterans in Georgia, you may not have time to figure out the complicated process of getting your benefits. An experienced attorney may be able to more carefully explain the process and set you on the right path toward your necessary veterans’ benefits.