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Estate planning with a firearm? You might need a trust

Few people in Georgia give much thought to their firearms when creating an estate plan, but they could be overlooking an important issue. Estate planning can not only protect the passing of a firearm to an heir, but doing it correctly can also keep heirs out of trouble with the law. Many firearms and other weapons are heavily regulated, and it is not enough to simply leave things up to chance.

Estate planning for parents of children with special needs

Most Georgia parents want to create a lasting legacy that they can one day pass on to their children. For parents of children with special needs, estate planning often involves more than just leaving an inheritance. Special needs trusts can perform specific and specialized functions to ensure the continued care of adults with special needs, even after their parents have passed away.

Gifting estate planning for a lasting family legacy

Most people spend the last few months of the year thinking about their loved ones. For Georgia parents of adult children, this can be a difficult and overwhelming undertaking. Will their children use their inheritances wisely? How can they best provide for their children and grandchildren's futures? When facing tough questions like these, estate planning is often the answer.

Young adults, are you taking care of estate planning?

After getting their diplomas, high school graduates usually have a million and one things on their minds. However, for all of the items on their to-do lists, estate planning rarely makes an appearance. While young adults in Georgia rarely see the point of crafting an estate plan, putting necessary protections in place is an essential aspect of leaving adolescence behind.

How special needs trusts help during estate planning

Georgia parents who have children living with special needs face a million little worries every day. From wondering about their child's development to fretting about the future, the job can be overwhelming. However, with careful estate planning, most parents can feel well-assured about their child's continued care in the future.

What does basic estate planning cover?

Since each person in Georgia has their own unique collection of assets and property, differing number of heirs and varying priorities, no two estate plans look alike. However, while the contents of a person's estate might look quite unique, it will still utilize at least the basic estate planning documents. These includes wills, powers of attorney and health care directives. 

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