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Qualified Income Trusts (QIT) or Miller Trusts

Georgia is an “income cap” state for Medicaid qualification purposes. Therefore, if a Medicaid applicant’s total income is more than a certain amount per month ($2,349.00 per month in 2020), then the applicant is disqualified from receiving Medicaid. Fortunately, federal law permits a Medicaid applicant to deposit his or her income into a Qualified Income Trust (QIT) or “Miller” Trust and be eligible for Medicaid. The income placed in the QIT is not counted as income for purposes of the income cap. Therefore, the Medicaid applicant can qualify for Medicaid.

Medicare does not pay for long term Nursing Home Care.  Fortunately, Medicaid will help cover the costs. For someone to qualify for Medicaid to pay for the Nursing Home, they must not exceed the maximum income and asset limits. If you or your loved one are above the limits and need Nursing Home care, there is help to get you qualified so you or your loved one can receive the care they need.

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A qualified Elder Law Attorney can help applicants qualify for Medicaid when their income or assets are above the limit. The Attorney can create a Qualified Income Trust (QIT) which lowers the applicant’s income, so they do qualify for Medicaid to cover the cost of the Nursing Home.  A Qualified Income Trust (QIT) is only one of the many tools used to help individuals qualify for Medicaid so they can receive the Nursing Home Care they need.

2020 Medicaid Eligibility Criteria

Maximum Monthly Income for the Medicaid Applicant

(Total income from Social Security, Retirement, Pension, etc.)

$2,349.00 per month

Maximum Amount of Assets Allowed

(Total amount of all assets that are “countable” which includes bank account, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, variable annuities, life insurance policies with cash value)

$128,640 (for a married couple with one applicant)

$2,000 (for unmarried applicant)

Protected Assets (While Living)



Retirement Plans (401(k) or IRA)

Personal Effects

No Cash Value Life Insurance

Burial Fund

Certain Types of Annuities

Our law firm uses a team approach. Attorney Eric Owens will help you craft a plan that lets you access long-term care while protecting your assets. Nurse practitioner Tammy Owens then can evaluate your options for receiving the best possible health care.

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