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It Looks Great on Paper, But Does It Work?
Addiction and Trusts

Setting up a trust that’s fair and manageable takes a holistic approach that combines your understanding of the law as well as a compassionate understanding of the motivations driving a client’s needs. The clients, Husband and Wife (Mom and Dad), are sitting in front of you. The three of you are discussing how they want their assets distributed upon the

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Home Ownership Options for Seniors

For most seniors, the family home is their most important asset and selecting the best ownership option is of critical importance.  A senior may ask these questions.  “Should I give my home to my children now?”  “If I add my children to the title, what happens if they divorce, have creditor problems or become estranged from me?”  “How can I

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Advance Directives – End of Life Decisions

Of life’s two great certainties, death and taxes, the first is certainly more certain. Some people can avoid taxes by careful planning, others by poverty or evasion. But no one yet has devised a plan to avoid death. Forethought and careful planning, however, can help assure that the decision and circumstances at the end of your life are made by

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Wills and Trusts

Most adults do not have an estate plan even though they know they should. We know it is a topic that is unpleasant to ponder, but it is something that, unfortunately, must be thought about seriously. And if you keep avoiding it until the inevitable, then you set up those you hold dear and/or any heirs for potential hassle and

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Talking to Loved Ones During the Holidays About Elder Law Needs

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that our lives can change in an instant – and in so many unforeseen ways. With the end of 2020 upon us, you may be tempted to try and put everything about it in the rearview mirror. However, there is much that we can learn from all 2020 brought us. This year

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