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Estate planning with a firearm? You might need a trust

Few people in Georgia give much thought to their firearms when creating an estate plan, but they could be overlooking an important issue. Estate planning can not only protect the passing of a firearm to an heir, but doing it correctly can also keep heirs out of trouble with the law. Many firearms and other weapons are heavily regulated, and

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Why are advance directives important in elder law?

Making decisions about medical care is often a very personal experience. For some people in Georgia, the idea of not being able to make those decisions can be very uncomfortable. Advance directives are an important aspect of elder law that allow people to maintain a sense of control over their health even when they are incapacitated and otherwise unable to

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Should I use a revocable trust in my estate planning?

Creating a basic estate plan might be sufficient for some people in Georgia, but many people have complex issues that they need a little more help to address. Revocable living trusts can serve important functions in estate planning and have a wide range of applications. Here are just a few ways that incorporating a revocable trust into an estate could

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