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How Elder Law Can Help You

The specialty of Elder Law is becoming more important as our population ages. People are living longer, but in many cases, are not living better. “The number of older individuals in the population is projected to increase to 71.5 million in 2030, representing nearly 20 percent of the U.S. population. As a result, the need is growing for specialized legal advice about aging-related issues.

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Plan for Eldercare Now Before the Choice Is No Longer Yours

  We spend our lives making plans and preparing for future events. From the beginning we plan and work towards education, a career, marriage and a family. We work hard and save, invest and build our assets. We insure to protect our home, automobiles, health and medical needs. Retirement age comes and our plan is finally in place. Finances and

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Estate planning for parents of children with special needs

Most Georgia parents want to create a lasting legacy that they can one day pass on to their children. For parents of children with special needs, estate planning often involves more than just leaving an inheritance. Special needs trusts can perform specific and specialized functions to ensure the continued care of adults with special needs, even after their parents have

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Elder law: Using a power of attorney responsibly

Although virtually no one likes to think of becoming unable to make decisions on their own behalf, this is a reality that many people deal with each and every day. This makes having a living will and power of attorney a good idea for just about anybody in Georgia, but especially those who are well into their retirement years. However,

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Are you ready to file a Housebound or A&A claim?

If you are a veteran and have a disability, you may be eligible for compensation through a government program such as Housebound or Aid & Attendance. However, applying for benefits can become complicated, and you may want assistance in preparing and submitting your claim. The first step is to determine whether you are eligible for one of these programs. Additional

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Probate isn’t always a bad thing

There is no easy way to face the loss of a loved one. Whether their death came after a serious illness or was an unexpected loss, you and your family are probably dealing with a lot of difficult emotions right now. On top of grieving, you now have to handle your loved one’s estate, which probably means going through the

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