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What Are The Benefits Of An Elder Law Attorney?

You may know you need to plan for your future, your retirement and any long-term care you will need late in life, but you may not know how to start this process. Or perhaps you or a loved one are currently in need of health care options and do not know what to do.

Trying to plan on your own could result in a loss of assets that you could have kept, which in turn could lead to a financial crisis later. Here are some of the main reasons you should reach out to an elder law attorney:

They Know Where To Start

One of the most common questions we get asked at Elder Law of Georgia, P.C., is “Where do I start?” Most people without a legal background do not know what the process is for creating a solid health/financial plan.

A lawyer can sit down with you and come to understand your situation in more detail so that you can get moving in the right direction.

They Understand The Legal Aspects Of A Plan

Your wishes about your care and future are the most important part of a plan. While you know your own preferences, an attorney will know the legal context of how to put these wishes into action.

On top of their knowledge of elder law planning, a skilled attorney can also give you details about the benefits of nursing homes, assisted living and other potential options so you can better decide what your wishes truly are.

They Can Help You At All Stages Of Life

Elder law attorneys can help clients build a plan at any stage of life. For example, if you build a house, you need to have a plan in place for what will happen to it, regardless of your age. Or perhaps you have significant investments and want to know how to protect those assets in the future.

Working with this diverse group of clients also gives elder law attorneys a broad understanding of people’s needs and what options have worked well in the past. You can only benefit from an attorney who has helped people in a similar situation to yours.

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