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What Is A Power Of Attorney And Why Appoint One?

A power of attorney is a document you can include in your estate plan that appoints someone to make decisions on your behalf when you cannot. In many cases, this would come into effect if a severe injury incapacitates you or if an illness affects your decision-making ability such as in the case of dementia or Alzheimer’s.

It may be difficult to think about such situations but estate plans are not only meant to be executed at the time of your passing; they also allow you to plan for the unexpected. By including a power of attorney in your estate plan, you can choose someone you would highly trust in a situation like the examples above.

What Types Of Decisions Can A Power Of Attorney Make?

Usually, powers of attorney handle both health care decisions and financial decisions or matters that arise. Some people choose to appoint two separate powers of attorney, one for health care and one for financial decisions.

You have some control over what your power of attorney can do. After all, it is your estate plan. You can include your wishes for how these situations would be handled so that your power of attorney has a guide to follow.

Discuss How A Power Of Attorney Could Benefit You

At Elder Law of Georgia, P.C., we help people create comprehensive estate plans that encompass the range of needs they may encounter. We can help you draft a power of attorney document or build a full plan for you while discussing how this document could benefit you.

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